Personal Injury Claims Solicitors

If you have been injured and it is another person’s fault you may be entitled to compensation including loss of earnings. Our personal injury claim solicitors can evaluate your situation and let you know if you have a legal claim. You will be informed of all costs up front.

Personal injury claims solicitors

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The idea behind compensation is to put you back in the position you were before the injury. This usually includes compensation for medical expenses and loss of earnings. Your first step in the process involves an application to the Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB). It is important that the correct parties are identified at this stage as otherwise you may run out of time to make a valid claim. Confusion over the correct parties can often occur in relation to:

  • people driving cars under an insurance policy belonging to another
  • where a business or company is involved
  • where there are multiple possible wrongdoers
  • where there is an unidentified driver (“hit and run” claims)
  • a driver without insurance
  • accidents in public places
  • accidents in the workplace 

You will also require report from your doctor and potentially from other specialists or engineers depending on the circumstances. We will help you through this process and ensure that the strict time limits for your claim are adhered to. At the end of the PIAB assessment a figure will be decided on for compensation. The person at fault can refuse to allow PIAB assess your claim and if so, you will need to start court proceedings to pursue your claim.

If the person at fault (or their insurance company) and you both accept the PIAB assessment that is the end of the process. If either you or the other person reject the PIAB assessment you can decide to start litigation against the person at fault.

One of the best things I experienced was the personal touch. It can be daunting dealing with solicitors and I never felt like a hindrance. Gary was always available on the phone and email for me and always responded very quickly. I know of an elderly person dealing with Gary who really appreciated being able to meet face to face in a place where she felt comfortable. I think both types of meetings are great as clients have various needs which were met very easily in the way SOS operates.


Friendly, easy to talk to, professional support from start to finish. The service was exceptional, communication was timely and never overbearing. Everything was explained clearly along with expected timelines for completion. The team went above and beyond to sort out any issues that may have arisen during the process. Overall, very satisfied with the service.


What we found best was the professionalism of the service overall, the confidentiality, empathy and understanding. Communication was always clear in both e-mail and in person. Response times to e-mails, and meetings, was very good. I believe your fees are very competitive, and good value for your service.


Time Limits

The timelines for submitting a claim vary depending on the type of claim being made. In most cases it is a 2-year limit from the date of the accident or date of knowledge of the injury depending on the circumstances involved.

You have an obligation to notify the party you believe was responsible of your intention to bring a claim for the accident within 30 days of the accident occurring. If you do not do so it may harm your claim but it does not prevent you from making your claim.

You should contact us as soon as possible to determine if you have a claim and which time limits apply.

Personal Injury Claims Solicitors

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