Employment Policies and Procedures Solicitors

While there are many different tasks to complete throughout the process of drafting employment policies and procedures, you will be guided step by step by your solicitor. Your convenience is important to us and we aim to minimise the amount of time you have to spend on the process. We offer video calls to save you from travelling to meet us and you can meet us at times convenient to you. When documents need to be signed we can come to meet you at your home. 

One of the most important areas in employment law is disciplinary and grievance procedures and how to write or implement them. As well as drafting them, we are available to advise on any ongoing grievance procedures and disciplinary processes that you might be going through as an employer.  

Employment Policies and Procedures Solicitors


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Policy Areas

Some of the other main areas requiring careful construction of policies and procedures include recruitment and advertising of jobs, notice periods, wages, holidays and maternity/paternity leave. Not all policies in these areas are mandatory but are advisable to have.   

  • In relation to recruitment and advertising, equality is key. Job advertisements must comply with legislation governing equality in employment, including access to employment. They should be carefully worded as applicants will rely on that wording and it may form part of a contract of employment.  The conduct of job interviews is also important. Questions which breach the statutory code of equality cannot be asked.   
  • Notice period policies and procedures must take into account that employees are entitled to statutory minimum notice or pay in lieu. There is an exception where they have been working for less than 13 weeks or are dismissed for gross misconduct.  
  • Policies and procedures for the payment of wages must comply with the National Minimum Wage Act 2000. Sub-minimum rates can be paid to certain categories of employees including under 18s and those who either enter employment for the first time. Employees have the right however, to a pay slip showing their gross wages and details of any deductions. Since January 2021, the minimum wage in Ireland for an adult employee is €10.20 per hour.   
  • All employees are entitled to annual leave. There are different periods of annual leave for the amount of hours worked. Typically, full-time workers receive four weeks of annual leave each year. Holiday pay must be paid in advance. These holiday entitlements should be provided in addition to any time you get off work for public holidays, sick leave and maternity leave or paternity leave.  Policies and procedures in the workplace must take these matters into account.  
  • There are Acts in place protecting all pregnant employees, all employees who have given birth in the previous 14 weeks, and all employees who are breastfeeding up to 26 weeks after the birth. Policies and procedures should be carefully drafted to bear these in mind. No minimum length of service is required for these to apply to an employee. There is also statutory paternity leave of 2 weeks in Ireland which must be taken in the first 6 months following the birth or adoption of a child.  Adoptive couples can choose who should take adoptive leave and benefit and the parent who does not avail of adoptive leave is entitled to paternity leave.   

The communication with SOS Legal was very convenient and the advice and information about the different stages was very good and helpful. Would definitely recommend to anyone.


Gary was knowledgeable and helpful throughout, and I particularly valued being able to communicate through video conferencing


Very helpful employment law advice for me as a small business owner.


There are many other areas of employment law for policies and procedures must be carefully drafted. We are glad to guide and advise you on any of these.  

Employment Policies and Procedures Solicitors

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