Settling a Claim Early

Should You Settle a Claim Early?

Insurance companies are very experienced at knowing the value of claims. They can often make an offer soon after an injury has occurred in an attempt to save themselves money down the line as they know the offer is less than what the claim is worth. These offers often take advantage of injured people who do not have legal representation and do not understand how the claim process works in the hope they may be under financial stress and willing to accept an offer that is below the fair value of their claim. 

One of the common problems with accepting an early offer is that you will not know how long your injuries will last and how severe they are. A specialist personal injury solicitor would be able to advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of accepting any offer in light of what a fair entitlement to compensation is in your particular case. Remember that insurance companies have no duty to make a fair offer, they have a motive to make a profit by paying out less in claims. A specialist personal injury solicitor will have a duty to act in your best interests.

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Settling a Claim Early

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